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What should be in my child’s IEP?

Top 5 things to know: Starting the Special Education Process

1.       Send an email to the school principal requesting a special education evaluation.

2.       The school district has 14 days to respond to you IN WRITING noting whether or not a special education evaluation is warranted.  The 14 days start the day you send the email to the principal. 

3.       If the school district denies the evaluation, the decision should be based on your child’s academic scores, proving they are on grade level.

4.       If the school district moves forward with opening an evaluation, the first meeting is called a Domains Meeting.

5.       At the Domains Meeting, members from the school will meet with you (parent or guardian) to discuss the different areas that challenge your child. This is your opportunity to voice the concerns you see.  At the conclusion of the meeting, you will sign permission for an evaluation to be done.

Top 5 things to know for Parent-Teacher conferences

1. Does your child’s teacher really know and understand your child?

2. Your child’s academic success should be discussed with you.

3. Data-based achievement results for your child should be shared with you. Typically, in the form of a percentile (i.e., your child is reading at the 47th percentile.) Is your child on track with where they should be during the fall of the current year?

4. Recent school work scores should be shared with you. Scores from the first week of school should not be the only scores shared. They are considered “old” scores – not considered present levels of your child’s performance.

5. If there is a significant academic concern being shared with you there should be multiple academic scores shared with you.